Quality Prescription Drugs is a Canadian mail-order pharmacy service that specializes in selling cheap medicines. It is not an online pharmacy as what other people might think but it’s a pharmacy intermediary that negotiates with various Canadian and international pharmacies on behalf of the customers. All of the pharmacies under Quality Prescription Drugs are only the accredited ones, ensuring the customers that what they’ll receive is only the best and top-level medicines for their needs.  A large number of the population of its clients are from the US, customers who are having difficulties in buying their meds at local pharmacies because of high drug costs. But since the selection of the meds which are available at Quality Prescription Drugs are supplied by pharma companies from countries where production costs are low, customers can buy them at similarly low prices to their advantage.

Just like the selection that the local pharmacies have, Quality Prescription Drugs has a large range of prescription and over the counter meds available, both for the branded ones and generics. On its website, customers can just type the name of the medicine they’re looking for in the search box and their meds will appear on the search results. Users can search by using the medicines’ brand name where search results will show the specific drug brand. But searching for a medicines’ generic name would be far better since it will yield more search results, allowing buyers to choose from different generics and variants which have the exact same effects as the costly medicine brands.

No guest checkout is allowed at Quality Prescription Drugs. Prior to ordering medicines, customers are required to set up an account with them and without an account, ordering would not be possible. They require each of their customers to do this for them to be able to profile their clients and validate them whenever they will be purchasing meds especially the prescription ones. Prescriptions are also a requirement at Quality Prescription Drugs and without it, only over the counter meds will be allowed of the customers to buy.

Clients can reach its customer service department by calling its phone hotline which is +1 877 244 0429. For customers who will be sending their prescriptions, they can fax it through its fax number which is +1 866 728 0969. Both of these numbers are toll-free and there will be no charges incurred to the customer’s line. Quality Prescription Drugs can also be reached through email and clients can send their emails to [email protected] On weekends, its store is open from 7 AM to 5 PM PST while its operating hours on weekdays is from 6 AM until 8 PM PST.

Quality Prescription Drugs Review – Non-Recommended

But unlike other online pharmacy services, Quality Prescription Drugs does not have many good reviews. Most of them are negative as many clients are displeased with the service that it provides. Some of those reviews are the ones below:

Quality Prescription Drugs Reviews

Quality Prescription Drugs Reviews

The first reviewer was a customer named “Chad” who is very concerned about the fact that his repeated calls to renew his prescriptions were not answered. In all of his calls, the line just kept ringing until it has reached the recorded message and no one even returned his calls as a courtesy. “Chad” is kind of worried since he will be running out of his meds very soon and he has yet to receive a response from Quality Prescription Drugs.

On his last order, customer “merletex” has a good experience with Quality Prescription Drugs but his recent order was just the complete opposite. He has already called repeatedly because he has not received his ordered Advair Diskus generic and it’s already more than one month. He was finally able to connect with the customer service people and was told that his medications got held up at the customs. He was disappointed that Quality Prescription Drugs did nothing about it as they should have known about this incident.

With these kinds of reviews, it would seem that Quality Prescription Drugs is not the store that it claims to be on its site. The lifeblood of every business is its customers and it has treated its customers poorly. Clients have kept on calling and has received no response at all from them, making them feel hopeless with their concerns. It appears that it is not even concerned with the troubles that its customers have experienced with its service, doing nothing to help them out.

Quality Prescription Drugs – Online Pharmacy Profile on Pharmacy Checker

Pharmacy Checker

Pharmacy Checker

Pharmacy Checker has Quality Prescription Drugs on its database and it appears to be a decent site but its poor customer service has led to its poor rating of only 2 stars. Some customers have put in positive reviews for it but most of them are all about complaints with the site’s inaction to their concerns especially to the shipment of the medications that they have ordered. Since Quality Prescription Drugs’ site has no section for customer reviews, clients have logged them at Pharmacy Checker’s site where its profile can be seen. If Quality Prescription Drugs only did good in customer service, it would’ve been a good site for buying medicines.

Can You Trust Canadian Online Pharmacies?

Of course, people can trust Canadian online pharmacies but that would depend on the pharmacy’s reliability since not all of them are the same.

Pharmacy Mall, a Trusted Canadian Online Pharmacy

Pharmacy Mall, a Trusted Canadian Online Pharmacy

Most Canadian online pharmacies excel in great products and reliable customer service and these are the ones that the customers should trust. Some are not so good with it and to find the ones that should be trusted, buyers should always refer to the lists compiled by independent pharmacy review sites.


Quality Prescription Drugs is a Canadian pharmacy referral service that helps the customers find the best and the cheapest medicines from its affiliate Canadian and international pharmacies. It has a good website with great offers but customer reviews are not so pleasant about it. These reviews are mostly complaints about its poor service coming from customers who were very dissatisfied with their experience. For pharmacies that are reliable and have great service, customers can check our top recommended providers.