Edegra 100mg is an example of a generic Viagra treatment. Like its brand contemporary, Viagra from Pfizer, this drug is capable of allaying impotence symptoms in males. This drug works through its active ingredient called Sildenafil Citrate, a 4-hour lasting active ingredient that helps men add more stiffness to their erectile functions despite their existing impotence condition.

Edegra, though, is quite confusing, since there are two manufacturers share the same “Edegra” brand for their Sildenafil Citrate erectile dysfunction product. Despite the difference in manufacturers, Edegra from India and Edegra from Mexico can be expected to yield the same effect in patients.

Edegra 100mg Mexico: Is this drug from Mexico or from India?

There are two Edegra products available on the market. One Edegra is from the company Sun Pharmaceuticals in India. This company is a massive drug corporation, with its history starting from 1983, and with approvals from various international drug bodies comprising the most elusive ones like the US FDA, WHO, UK MHRA, AU TGA, and a plethora of others. Sun Pharma’s mergers and acquisitions only made its position stronger in the market.

Edegra 50 mg from Sun Pharmaceuticals

Albeit from a colossal and well-certified company, the drug Edegra, unfortunately, is not as popular amongst consumers as the other generic brands like Kamagra from Ajanta Pharma, Suhagra from Cipla, and Fildena from Fortune Healthcare. This drug may be “newer” than its online Sildenafil Citrate counterparts, hence the limited recognition for this product. Nevertheless, coming from an excellent company and also containing Sildenafil Citrate, patients can expect a good result from Edegra 100 mg from Sun Pharmaceuticals.

Edegra 100 mg from Laboratorios Serral (Grupo SOMAR)

Edegra 100 mg from Laboratorios Serral (Grupo SOMAR)

The other Edegra drug in the market, from Laboratorios Serral, on the one hand, is native to Mexico. Like the Indian Edegra and the Viagra from Pfizer, it also has the same Sildenafil Citrate content relevant to erectile dysfunction treatment. Manufacturer-wise, this drug is also every bit as reliable as Edegra from Sun Pharma or Viagra from Pfizer, since the company is also well-accredited and with a lengthy history in the market. Grupo SOMAR, the main company where Serral is from, was incepted in 1948 and has 3 world-class plants supplying well-certified medicines to Mexico and the rest of the world.

Despite the difference in manufacturers, both Edegra products have similar characteristics and medical considerations. Here are some of the things men or prospective users need to know about both Edegra products:

  • Rx status – The Edegra products from Sun Pharma and Laboratorios Serral are prescription only
  • Existing dosage form – Edegra is available in 100 and 50 doses and in tablet form only
  • Dose recommendation – 25 mg to 100 mg  depending on the impotence severity of patients
  • Dose regimen – As needed, at least 30 minutes before sexual intercourse, only once in 24 hours
  • Contraindications – Medicines with nitrates, blood pressure regulating medicines, heart medications, protease inhibitors, antifungal treatments, antibacterial drugs, and several others
  • Disease interactions – Liver disease, kidney failure, cancers, heart disease

Edegra Sildenafil Reviews

Edegra has a limited number of reviews available on the web. It is confusing which for which Edegra the reviews pertain to since the websites with these reviews do not indicate which Edegra the reviews are for. Here are several customer testimonials for Edegra:

Edegra Reviews Online

Edegra Reviews Online

Most of the customers with their reviews for Edegra are from the United States, like Anthony Martin, Donald Hall, and Harris Taylor. According to Anthony Martin, Edegra helped him improve his overall sexual performance. He thought the drug was “awesome” and mentioned that he would recommend the drug to his friends.

Donald Hall, from Indiana, stated that the product is great for impotence treatment and that it was the “best”. Harris Taylor, from Alaska, also admired the drug’s effect—according to him, Edegra also assisted in helping him improve his “sexual pleasure”.

Albeit the responses to this product are great, Edegra reviews are quite limited. Nevertheless, both Edegra products from Laboratorios Serral and Sun Pharmaceuticals are reliable and are effective to use due to their makers’ credibility and their reliable active ingredient.

Edegra 100mg Price

Due to the generic nature of the drug Edegra, buyers can expect cheap prices for the product online. Unlike Viagra from Pfizer, Edegra from Sun Pharmaceuticals and Serral have low expected market prices. Here are some of the prices available on the web for Edegra:

According to one web pharmacy, the drug Edegra costs

According to one web pharmacy, the drug Edegra costs $1.40 per pill for the 100 mg product. This drug price for Edegra, though, does not detail the quantity of the products needed to be bought so buyers can avail of the $1.40 price for Edegra.

Another online drugstore, on the other hand, detailed Edegras price

Another online drugstore, on the other hand, detailed Edegra’s price. According to this price list, Edegra can cost $1.36 to $4.13 per tablet depending on the quantity of the product purchased by the patients. Some online pharmacies can offer lower prices than the ones specified here—buyers need only search for the best online pharmacies to get Edegra from. For stores with the best prices for Edegra, you can try out the shops included on our list of Top Online Pharmacies.


Edegra is the Sildenafil Citrate generic brand from two manufacturers, Sun Pharmaceuticals from India and Laboratorios Serral from Mexico. These two companies are reliable, hence making both the Edegra drugs reliable and safe to use by the patients. For Edegra purchases, you can consider the stores encompassed on our list of Top Vendors for the year—these stores offer the best prices and reliable deliveries when it comes to Edegra purchases.