Whether a condition is mild or serious, seeing name-brand prices can absolutely wreck your hopes of getting treatment. But if you are looking to dodge those prices, going generic is for sure your best bet. Generic brands provide a viable treatment option at a much lower price, and they are widely available on the Internet, so obtaining them has never been easier.

Viagra is the name-brand for Sildenafil treatment, but there are plenty of generic alternatives. Keep in mind, however, 20 mg doses are typically used only for pulmonary hypertension issues, whereas those suffering from erectile dysfunction generally take doses of 50 or 100mg. Using 20mg pills might also mean taking multiple pills in a day for desired results.

Caverta by Ranbaxy Laboratories is a popular generic option for Sildenafil treatment. Ranbaxy Laboratories has been operating since the 1960s and is a trusted source for a number of pharmaceutical needs. Their globally recognized products are largely available within online pharmacies as well. You can find Caverta in low 25mg and up to 50 and 100mg.

Suhagra by Cipla

Suhagra by Cipla

Suhagra is another renowned generic brand of Sildenafil, produced by Cipla Limited Pharmaceuticals. This is another viable generic option that is widely available online. It’s also offered in varying strengths that typically begin at 25mg.

Whichever brand you choose, approach online pharmacies with some caution. There are a vast number of scams and potentially dangerous websites out there, so you want to do your best to find legit, trustworthy sites. We provide a list of trusted online pharmacies that you are free to check out.

Sildenafil 20 mg Cost

Even at 20mg, buying name-brand could still run you at twenty dollars a pill. Regardless of strength, generic brands typically hover around the same price range, which is between fifty cents and two dollars for each pill, so even with the cost of shipping, you are getting way more pills for much less than half of the price.

Typical 20mg Prices

Typical 20mg Prices

In addition, increasing the quantity of your online purchase typically results in lower average pill price, so it is encouraged to buy in larger quantities. When considering quantity, also consider that 20mg is often taken more than once a day, so you may need more pills from the beginning.

Revatio 20 mg

Revatio is another name-brand option produced by the same company that makes Viagra, Pfizer. Both are Sildenafil medications; however, Revatio is more commonly offered in lower doses and is advertised as a treatment for pulmonary hypertension. Because Pfizer is such a major player in the pharmaceutical industry, prices for Revatio are still probably more than anybody wants to play. Around fifteen dollars per pill, your Revatio pill can add up quickly as it is typically taken more than once a day.

Revatio by PfizerHow to Buy Generic Sildenafil

How to Buy Generic Sildenafil

Start by recognizing the difference between a legit online pharmacy and one that operates as a scam. For a list of trusted sources, you can check out our list of the top recommended virtual pharmacies, and you will be able to shop with confidence. Otherwise, there are some key things to look for.

·      Trusted sources will have secure payment methods and have open privacy policies regarding this matter. Things like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) payments should be openly displayed.

·      Look for FDA or other government agency approval.

·      Be wary of “no prescription” websites.

·      Look for physical addresses, especially for U.S. based pharmacies.

Sites that don’t require a prescription or a medical assessment of any kind are typically red flags. Sildenafil medications, generic or name-brand, or prescription-only, so it is advised to avoid sites other than those that appear on our list. In any case, you should always visit a doctor before purchasing any medications, especially if you are taking something for the first time.

You can purchase generic Sildenafil from any online pharmacy, and many of them support a range of payment methods. Always make sure you have your doctor’s prescription and are safe to be taking the medication. You will be able to choose the quantity and dosage strength you want, and you can usually have the product express shipped to you in under two weeks.


Nobody wants to pay full price for name-brand medications like Viagra. Doing so is becoming increasingly unrealistic with the growing trend toward online pharmacies. These places offer a number of generic brands for unbeatable low prices. As long as you are careful with the places you choose to buy, you can buy 10 times the number of pills for less than half of the price. At under two dollars a pill, you can purchase generic Sildenafil in greater numbers and lower prices than ever before.

The only trick with this is that buying online puts you at greater risks of running into scams, so you want to be buying from the right places. There are significant amounts of resources that can aid you in finding the best online pharmacies, including the list that we provide. The main thing to remember is that Sildenafil is a prescription-only treatment, so any site that says so otherwise should be questioned.

Depending on the target of treatment, Sildenafil can be taken in a couple different dosage strengths. 20mg is the typical dose for pulmonary hypertension patients who might be required to take more than one pill daily. 50 and 100mg doses are generally reserved for erectile dysfunction patients. Talk to your doctor about proper dosage requirements for your specific needs.

Always be safe in your approach to get the proper pills and to avoid any further complications. To purchase quality Sildenafil Generic and get the most out of your money, consult our TOP List of Reviewed Pharmacies for this year.