Bluesky Drugs is one of the leading suppliers of quality generic medicines online. If local drugstores are always recommending the sale of costly branded drugs to the customers, Bluesky Drugs educates its buyers about the benefits of using generics. Almost all the generic versions of popular brand-name medications can be found at Bluesky Drugs, providing customers numerous affordable options to choose from. But even though Bluesky Drugs specializes on selling generic meds, they also have a great selection for branded drugs. But since they directly source these meds from the drug manufacturers themselves, they are able to get them at wholesale prices.

There are over 100 different categories to choose from on its selection of drugs where customers are certain to find the medicines that they’re looking for. Their meds are neatly organized for the customer’s ease of access and the categories are very specific to make it easy for patients to locate their drugs. There’s also a search box available on its homepage where customers can simply type the name of their drugs in and hit search where the results will be showing their meds. For it to be able to effectively supply medications globally, Bluesky Drugs have established fulfillment centers located on different parts of the world such as in the US, the UK, Singapore, Mauritius, and Turkey.

To make customers confident of its legitimacy, Bluesky Drugs lets its clients know that it is a member of the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC). It is also a member to the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA), a known pharmaceutical organizations and is accredited by Pharmacy Checker, a US-based pharmacy verification company.

Bluesky Drugs Home – Facebook

Bluesky Drugs Facebook Page

Bluesky Drugs Facebook Page

To reach more customers needing cheap and effective drugs, Bluesky Drugs have entered the social media and made a profile for itself. Its Facebook page is not as visited as its actual website and only has few likes. But even if it’s not very popular in the social media, the site of Bluesky Drugs remains to be one of the most visited Canadian online pharmacies. Since customers won’t be able to order through its social media site, buyers go directly to its page to purchase their meds.

Pharmacy Checker: Check Ratings and Profiles

Pharmacy Checker is a page where Bluesky Drugs also has a profile. Since its original website does not have a testimonials section, this is where the customers have put their reviews in. Below are some of those reviews coming from its satisfied customers:

Bluesky Drugs Customer Reviews

Bluesky Drugs Customer Reviews

The first review was from a customer with an online name of “Kamper” who has already been using Bluesky Drugs for many years. He only orders 2 to 3 prescription meds at a time since these are the only meds that he needs. Using these drugs, he experienced good results which are enough for him to be able to say that the meds are authentic. He also likes the cheap prices of meds that Bluesky Drugs offer and is very satisfied with the service that he is getting. He gave a 4-star review for the site.

The next one is a 5-star review from a client with an alias of “mkspw” who have also used Bluesky Drugs as his medicine source for a couple years which is quite a long time already. He counted the weeks before his meds arrive after ordering and it takes about 2 to 3 weeks before he gets them. Even if it’s the case, he is pleased with the quality of the meds and the cheap prices that he’s paying for them. He only advised fellow customers to make their orders in advance to avoid gaps on their treatment.

“N in N” is the alias of the last customer review for Bluesky Drugs who has been using it for 6 years in purchasing his generic Viagra. He was extremely satisfied with his overall experience in doing business with the site but he recounts of an incident where his orders were delayed for several weeks. Because of this issue, he decided to call and found out that it was because of a problem with the US mail system. But even though it’s not their fault, they have shipped a replacement to his order which is free of charge. The delayed package arrived after just a few weeks where he notified Bluesky Drugs to bill him for the replacement.

Bluesky Drugs Viagra

Viagra 100 mg

Viagra 100 mg

Bluesky Drugs is also popular on the web because it sells erectile dysfunction (ED) pills at very affordable prices. It has a diverse selection of ED pills, offering various brands and generics for customers to select from. But the most popular brand among the bunch is Viagra. Its manufacturer is Pfizer and its generic name is sildenafil citrate, a drug with many generic versions manufactured by different pharma companies. Compared to the Viagra brand from Pfizer, the generic versions are way cheaper and it is evident in the selection of Bluesky Drugs. The cheapest generic brand for Viagra costs $2.16 USD while the branded ones cost around $9 USD for each pill. But these prices dwarf in comparison to the local prices where Viagra is sold for as much as $83 USD for just a single pill.

It’s still a lot better to buy Viagra at Bluesky Drugs where it’s 90% cheaper than the prices of local pharmacies. If the standard form for Viagra is the hard pill, its generic versions offer better forms which has faster onset of effect. Standard Viagra is known to take effect 1 hour after it is ingested and has effects that lasts for about 4 to 5 hours. But in taking the generics which are in the forms of oral jellies, soft gel capsules, and chewable tablets, its onset of effect is cut to only 20 minutes which is much faster.


Bluesky Drugs is one of the most recommended places online for buying medicines because of its great range of pharmaceutical products, offering each one of them at very friendly prices. It educates its customers on the benefits of using generic medications which are a lot cheaper than brand-name drugs but has effects which are just as great. Customers can also check out top list of recommended providers for more reliable online pharmacies.