Headaches are one of the most typical physical complaints that people of all ages experience. It doesn’t matter if a person is a male or a female, headaches occur and it should be dealt with immediately to avoid causing further pain. Tension headache is specifically the kind of headache that is commonly experienced by many which are known to cause pain levels that are ranging from mild to intense. The pain that tension headaches cause usually comes from the neck and causes pain due to muscle contractions. To treat tension headaches, one must use a medicine that’s specifically made for it and that drug is Fioricet.

Fioricet is a combination of three other drugs which has a joint effect of relaxing the muscle contractions that cause headache. These three drugs are acetaminophen, caffeine, and butalbital, a barbiturate. Acetaminophen is also known as paracetamol, a common drug that is used to treat fever and also used for treating moderate body pains.

Acetaminophen Capsule Brand for Pain Relief

Acetaminophen Capsule Brand for Pain Relief

These are not the only applications of acetaminophen as the drug can also be used for toothaches, osteoarthritis, and menstrual cramps. Caffeine is also a common drug like acetaminophen and is usually found in beverages such as coffee and carbonated drinks. It is a known stimulant which acts by jolting the central nervous system, blocking the chemicals in the brain that causes drowsiness. It is currently the most consumed psychoactive drug and is legal in almost all parts of the world.

Butalbital, however, is unlike caffeine which is unregulated. Due to its history being abused, this drug has been included on the list of federally-controlled substances. Butalbital is a drug that belongs to the family of barbiturates which are also known as sedatives. It also works by affecting the central nervous system and are used by doctors as anticonvulsants for epileptics and as a hypnotic drug for helping people relax their bodies and as sleeping aids.

Fioricet is not a new drug and it has already been in the market since FDA’s approval back in 1984. It is a prescription drug which means that the customers are going to need prescriptions before they are sold the drug. Local pharmacies are the most common places to buy Fioricet from but this drug is also available at the online drugstores where it can be bought at cheaper prices. Since it has already been more than 30 years since this drug was approved, customers can now purchase generic versions of it.

In a single tablet of Fioricet, there would be 325 mg of acetaminophen, 40 mg of caffeine, and 50 mg of butalbital. But some manufacturers have lowered the dosage amount of acetaminophen to only 300 mg to protect the users from the risks of liver damage associated with taking too much of the drug. One tablet of Fioricet would last for about 5 hours after ingestion and after its effects wear off, users can take the drug again. Fioricet users must strictly adhere to the dosage regimen that has been provided by their doctors to get the most out of its benefits and avoid the risks of taking too much of the drug. Taking more than three tablets of Fioricet in a single day can result in liver problems and other negative side effects.

Where Can I Purchase Fioricet Online?

There are many online pharmacies to choose from on the web when it comes to purchasing Fioricet and in choosing, customers should always think about their online safety. The best online pharmacies to purchase Fioricet from are the ones that have already been reviewed by independent pharmacy review sites which proves that they are legit.

Majority of the online drugstores are legitimate ones but some of them are fake and buyers should beware of them. But regardless of the convincing appearance of these counterfeit drugstores, there are always signs that will tell the customers that they are not who they say they are. One of them is the absence of a padlock icon on its domain name. Online pharmacies with no padlock icon before their domain names and uses only HTTP should already raise alarms. It means that the site is not safe and the data being sent by the customer is vulnerable to interception.

Padlock Icon and https://

Padlock Icon and https://

On the other hand, pharmacy sites that have a padlock icon and uses HTTPS on their domain names are verified by the internet as safe and customers can trust them.

Customers can also make use of the free services offered by the fraud-detecting websites to help them know if a site is genuine or counterfeit. On sites like LegitScript and Scam Adviser, customers can check a domain name of an online pharmacy and know if it’s legally operating or not.

Buy Fioricet Canadian Drugs – Online Pharmacies Canada

Buyers can also try buying Fioricet from Canadian pharmacies where it’s cheap. Canadian online pharmacies are known for the affordable prices that they offer which makes them one of the best online drugstores around. The prices of their meds can be bought for 70% to 90% cheaper than the meds offered by the local drugstores. The medicines that they sell are also FDA-approved which makes them safe and reliable to use.

Fioricet – Order with MasterCard

Customers no longer have to stress themselves with going out and buying their Fioricet from the local pharmacies. With just turning their computers on and connecting to the internet, they can order their medicines from home. They can use their VISA and MasterCard credit cards for paying which makes payments so much easier.

Other online pharmacies also accept PayPal and Bitcoin payments, giving the buyers more options to select from. After finishing their online payments, they only need to wait for their orders to be shipped to their homes or the location of their choice.


Fioricet is the perfect drug to take for people who are experiencing tension headaches. It acts by relaxing the contractions on the neck muscles which is the source of the pain. Fioricet is not an over the counter drug and it can only be bought by patients with prescriptions from their doctors. This drug is available at local pharmacies and can also be bought online where it’s cheaper. For a list of reliable online pharmacies where Fioricet can be bought, check our top recommended pharmacies.