Healthy weights for height chart are the respective calculated weights for the various heights of a person that shows the average BMI as well.

It is considered that the growth should be done as per this chart only. Physical activity, nutrition, life style factors, hormones, environmental factors, health problems, physical activity, nutritional level, gender and the genetics of the child are the responsible factors for weight and height and hence the BMI of them. Healthy weight can ensure that the children are not developing any sort of disease or other related problems.

The healthy weight chart is maintained through the use of body mass index. In height chart the only weight is given which is suitable as per the average BMI. The healthy weight chart is supposed to be the major thing for both that is for men as well as for women. The slim women are supposed to be present at the lower side of the chart made through the help of BMI. The men in spite of being looked slim but are supposed to lie at the top end of it. This happens mainly because of the fact that the body composition of both that is for men and for women is quite different.

Finding ideal weight for women using women height chart

The body mass index also called the BMI is a specific number which is calculated by means of your weight and height. The calculation is simply done by dividing the weight in kilograms and height in meter square. It is the BMI which varies according to the fact that you are male or female.

Here is given a chart to find the ideal weight of the women which is calculated on the basis of the body mass index. For the women aged more than 20 and less than 65 the average value of body mass index ranges from 18.5 to 25. In this value of BMI the women are supposed to be normal BMI.

In case if any women have less than 18.5 value of her then it is supposed that she is suffering from the problem of being underweight. This is the case which is needed special treatment.

For the BMI range of 15 to 30 the women are supposed to be overweight and the women having BMI of above than 30 then the obesity is supposed to attack on these women. The ideal weight for women is found in the growth chart of the women which is also usually prepared by keeping BMI factor in mind.