Canada Drug Center is one of the well-accredited online Canadian drugstores in the market. It is not as modern as the most Canadian drugstores on the web, but it is one impressive store considering its certifications from various organizations like CIPA, IPABC, and Pharmacy Checker.

Canada Drug Center Reviews

The shop Canada Drug Center is somewhat difficult to access lately for some reason, but through the help of the internet archive, we were able to access some portions of the site. As you can see in the image below, the shop is a bit plain compared to the usual Canadian drugstores—instead of the familiar maple leaf-based designs, the store only had a backward-designed site with a simple banner, some images, and brief content.

Canada Drug Center

It is odd why the shop is inaccessible via regular and proxy browsers—the shop may now be offline or restricting traffic from international consumers. According to the information on the website, Canada Drug Center was incepted in 2007 and has since then served more than 250,000 customers.

Although the store Canada Drug Center is Canadian by nature, its products do not exclusively come from Canada—according to Canada Drug Center, some of its products are dispensed via various local drugstore fulfillment centers in Canada, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, the United States, Mauritius, and Turkey. Medicines in the store are dispensed via the help of licensed pharmacists and the medicines on Canada Drug Center are only shipped out when the buyers are able to provide the prescriptions for the products.

Dispensing to customers with prescriptions and dispensing medicines with the help of a licensed pharmacist helped Canada Drug Center gain certifications from the Canadian International Pharmacy Association, Pharmacy Checker, and International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia.

CIPA Rx Accreditation for Canada Drug Center

CIPA Rx Accreditation for Canada Drug Center

As you can see in the image above, the store Canada Drug Center is certified by CIPA Rx due to the following reasons:

  • The shop requires prescriptions
  • Canada Drug Center dispenses medicines from licensed local drugstores
  • It has a real address and phone number advertised on its site
  • Canada Drug Center provides privacy for consumer medical information
  • The shop secures payments and protects consumers’ financial details

Unlike most online pharmacies, the store Canada Drug Center does not advertise the medicines available on its platform. Buyers have to manually search for their medicines on the website since Canada Drug Center does not provide lists of products available on the site.

The shop, though, lists a few popular products on the site, including the following:

  • Advair: $71 for 84 45 mg tablets
  • Celebrex: $68 for 90 200 mg tablets
  • Lexapro: $68 for 84 20 mg tablets
  • Premarin: $45 for 84 0.625 mg

Concerning reviews, Canada Drug Center has teamed up with a third-party service to provide reviews from its clients. Overall, reviews for the shop Canada Drug Center were looking good, which indicated buyer preference to its service.

Is it Safe to Purchase Mail Prescription Drugs from Canada?

The safety of consumers while purchasing medicines from online pharmacies actually depend on the where the buyers are shopping their medicines from. Although there are Canadian online pharmacies classified as legitimate, there are still some Canadian web drugstores that are unsafe to use.

In order to save yourself from using these illegal drugstores, here are some of the things you may need to do:

  • Check reviews – Buyers need to read buyer comments for the store they’re eyeing so they’ll have a rough idea of how a shop handles or fulfills orders.
  • Use online evaluation platforms to check on a website – Although some legitimate websites are often telling the truth about their service, some online drugstores are faking claims to make them sound interesting to use. Using third-party domain checking platforms enable buyers to verify if certain details about a store are accurate or just made up.
  • Use stores that are asking for prescriptions – The FDA and other drug organizations are reminding consumers to use only web drugstores that are requesting valid prescriptions from their clients.
  • Check if the stores have a responsive customer support team or at least real contact information – You should check if the stores are with accurate contact information. Apart from having real contact details, you should also verify the response time of these online drugstores.

Canadadrugcenter Pharmacy Checker Status

The drugstore Canada Drug Center is a legitimate online pharmacy, based on Pharmacy Checker’s results. As seen in the image below, the drugstore Canada Drug Center is deemed legit as per Pharmacy Checker status because it satisfies the following conditions:

Canada Drug Center Pharmacy Checker Status

Canada Drug Center Pharmacy Checker Status

According to Pharmacy Checker, the shop Canada Drug Center dispenses medicines only through a licensed pharmacy, secures the buyer financial and medical information, asks for a legal prescription, and provides valid contact details for its consumers to use.

Canada Drug Center Pharmacy Checker Reviews

Canada Drug Center Pharmacy Checker Reviews

Apart from the previous information, Pharmacy Checker also has customer testimonials available on the platform.

A user named “rhawkins74” who posted his review in July 2017 mentioned that Canada Drug Center had the best prices for its medicines. He mentioned that he’s never had any problems with the shop, but also mentioned that it took time for his medicines to get delivered.

Gkfish also mentioned that he’s been successful in ordering medicines from Canada Drug Center and that the medicines he ordered from the shop were good. He had a slight concern about the high prices, but he still rated the shop 4/5.

On the other end of the review spectrum, however, JGMICHIGAN, complained about getting unsolicited calls from the store since 2005. According to him, he’s ordered something from the store that time and since then he’s been hounded by the Canada Drug Center shop with weekly phone calls.


Canada Drug Center is a Canadian pharmacy established in 2007. The shop is simple but had good feedback from its customers and is well-accredited by prestigious organizations. Despite the good comments for the store, there were still negative comments for the platform, about its spam phone calling. If you’re undecided about ordering from this online drugstore, you can consider using other Canadian online drugstores, like the ones included on our list of TOP Web Pharmacies, for instance.