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Canada Online Pharmacy – Pay Less for Prescription Drugs

Canada Online Pharmacy, which also goes by the names Online Pharmacy and Online Worldwide Drugstore, is an online pharmacy whose main focus is to ensure that those who cannot afford to pay the high prices for their medications in local pharmacies are able to afford their medications. They achieve this by selling generic drugs that are cheaper at times by 90% than the price the drugs are sold at local pharmacies. These drugs contain the same chemical composition as the drugs sold at local pharmacies which means they will be effective for the treatment of the complications for which they are prescribed.

The pharmacy has been certified by CIPA,, and CPA, which are the bodies that regulate the operations of online pharmacies. This means they have met all the set international standards and can, therefore, be trusted to supply high-quality medication to those ordering from them. The website has been secured by Geotrust which means that no hacker will be able to access the private details submitted to the pharmacy during the process of ordering the medications.

The customer service team at the pharmacy is always ready to help when called upon to do so. The pharmacy has provided a form where customers will write down their concern, then submit it to the pharmacy. The response will be given as soon as possible; it is a requirement that all communications with the customer service team should be in the English language. There is also a phone number that can be used which can be found on the pharmacy’s website.

Canada Online Pharmacy - Pay Less for Prescription Drugs
Canada Online Pharmacy Store

Canada Online Pharmacy Reviews

Benjamin from Andorra is one of the customers who has bought drugs from the pharmacy and he says that the pharmacy was able to follow up on the order until he was able to receive the drugs. He is happy that the drugs worked very well and his girlfriend is not happy. St Patrick is another happy customers and he is grateful for the prompt and reliable services offered at the pharmacy. He received the drugs within the agreed time and as a way of appreciation, he has passed on the pharmacy’s address to his friends so that they can also shop at the pharmacy.

Samuel from Spain has ordered for Cialis pills from the pharmacy and on using them, they were quite effective. He had requested the pharmacy to send a partial order so that he could test the effectiveness of the drugs and since they are effective, he is requesting the pharmacy to send the balance of his order. He is also happy with the efficiency of the customer service team and his only wish is that more companies would emulate them.

Canada Online Pharmacy customer reviews

When Jackson from Italy was placing his order with the pharmacy, he thought that he was being scammed. He is glad that he was able to receive his order on time, including the one that was held up at the post office. From all these reviews, it is evident that the pharmacy keeps its word and ensures that every customer gets the drugs he ordered for. The customer service is also quite reliable and the drugs are as effective as those that are sold at the local pharmacies.

How to Order Prescription Drugs from Canada Online Pharmacy

To order for your medications at the pharmacy, you will enter the name of the drug in the provided search box so that you will know if it is in stock. If it is available, you will click on it; a detailed description of the drug will be made available for you and the prices of different packages and dosages of the drug as well. You will select the amount you wish to buy and click ‘add to cart’.

You will be able to see the cost of the drugs on the shopping cart and the discount that will be offered on the purchased drugs; if you wish to continue shopping you will proceed, but if that is all you wanted to buy, you will press the checkout icon.

Photo of a shopping cart

At the billing page, you will be able to see the total cost of the medications, including the extra cost for the shipping and the insurance for the drugs. You will fill in the details of the billing and the shipping address where the drugs will be shipped to. The details of the payment method you wish to use in paying for the drugs will also be submitted and once the payment is successfully processed, you will receive a notification of the shipment.

If for any reason the bank declines to allow the use of your credit card, you will be contacted so that you can formally request them to allow the pharmacy to do so. You should also ensure that you give the correct shipping address to avoid sending the drugs to the wrong address.

The pharmacy does not require a prescription for the drugs bought at the pharmacy neither are you required to open an account in order to transact with the pharmacy. This has simplified the process and has made it quite fast unlike other pharmacies where you have to go through the tedious process of opening an account.

Canada Online Pharmacy Discounts

Canada Online Pharmacy offers some discounts to their customers as a way of encouraging them to shop with the pharmacy. For every order placed with the pharmacy, a customer will get free Viagra pills. The pharmacy will also provide free shipping on all orders worth over $200 which is also a way of bringing down the cost of the drugs. For a limited duration, every customer who buys ten pills of Viagra and ten pills of Cialis will pay a discounted price of $68.15.

Canada Online Pharmacy discount offers

Below are photos showing the different active offers at Canada Online Pharmacy:

Canada Online Pharmacy discount coupons


Canada Online Pharmacy works hard to ensure that their customers are able to afford their medications by selling them at discounted rates. They do not require their customers to open an account; neither do they require a prescription for the orders placed. This makes the process of ordering for the drugs quite simple and fast. You should be careful when ordering drugs from online pharmacies so that you will not be tricked into buying fake drugs. If you need help with selecting a credible online pharmacy to buy drugs from, you can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies and choose one of the listed pharmacies to buy drugs from.

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