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Canada Pharmacy Online – Best Places to Get Cheap Medications

Getting both prescription and over the counter drugs when you are on a budget has been made easier. You can get these meds at a fraction of the price that you are currently struggling to pay at your local pharmacy. Even if you have an insurance plan, what you have not realized is that you have been paying the larger percentage of your meds price out of your pocket. In the copay, insurances are letting the customer pay up to 80% for their medications. Canadian pharmacies have their services on the web. Therefore, you will be able to have your meds delivered to you while you relax at home.

Canada Pharmacy Online - Best Places to Get Cheap Medications
Pharmacy Mall – Top-Rated Canadian Online Pharmacy

There are thousands of websites that have the title “Canadian pharmacy” on them. But, more than 90% of these sites are not real. Their major purpose is to steal from you. They will create an illusion that they are real pharmacies by having a website that looks exactly how an online pharmacy would look like. You will order your meds and pay using one the methods they suggest. For the record, most scam sites will suggest you use methods such as bitcoin and electronic checks. This is just so that they can ensure you don’t have the ability to dispute your charges. You may even receive a tracking number from the fake pharmacy. However, the problem is that the tracking number will be fake and you will never receive your meds. If the tracking number is real, what will arrive is fake drugs which will have adverse effects.

Canadian Pharmacy Online Reviews

It may be hard to believe that there are real online pharmacies given that numerous stories about people getting conned or getting fake meds are already trending on the web. In order to prove to you that there are great pharmacies, we will look at the reviews written by real online buyers.

Canada Pharmacy Online Reviews

The above reviewer says that the FDA feeds propaganda to the American population about online pharmacies. This made him very skeptical about buying his meds on the web. He later found that his local pharmacy had increased the cost of his Crestor to $200 every month. He could not afford a price of $6.66 per pill for 30 days. He could not get an insurance plan. He started ordering his meds from an online pharmacy located in Canada. The cost reduced to only $0.425 for each pill. He says now he can avoid getting a heart attack. The package was delivered to him in exactly 9 days. The customer support called him to confirm his initial prescription and they were very friendly. The drugs were perfect and packaged well.

Canada Pharmacy Online Testimonials

The first reviewer says that he could not afford to purchase his Abilify in the United States without insurance. He was able to get the same medication from a Canadian pharmacy at a very affordable price. He only needed to pay $279 for a 90-day supply. He has used the Canadian pharmacy 3 times and he has recommended it to his family and friends. He finds it easy to order his meds online. His first package arrived after three weeks. The subsequent orders have always arrived within a period of 10 days.

The above reviews are not for all the pharmacies that you will find on the web claiming to have their service base in Canada. There is one pharmacy that we have investigated and proven that it has reviews which are similar to the ones indicated in this article. The pharmacy is known as Pharmacy Mall. This store has managed to get itself a great reputation after being in business for more than 20 years.

Canadian Pharmacy Online prices

The prices that you will find in the Canadian online pharmacies are less than 70% what your local store sells drugs to you. The prices are as follows:

Canada Pharmacy Prices

The above price list is for prescription pills. As you can see, you will be able to save between 86% and 97% depending on the medication you intend to purchase. The prices for over the counter meds are as low as the ones for over the prescription meds. We have used the price list for prescription meds in order to prove to you that there are huge savings you have been missing on by purchasing your meds from your local store.

There are numerous pharmacies that will promise you low prices. Majority of the pharmacies are scammers tricking you. The lowest prices are available at Pharmacy Mall. This is the pharmacy we have investigated and proven of its performance. Their meds are genuine. On average, you will be saving 90% on your meds when you get them from Pharmacy Mall.

Canadian Pharmacy Online Mail Order

Your drugs will be brought to your doorstep when you have sourced them from a great online pharmacy. The delivery time varies but great pharmacies will make sure that the delivery period is kept below 4 weeks. If you are using a pharmacy like Pharmacy Mall, you will be able to get your meds delivered to you for free via mail order when you purchase drugs worth more than 200 dollars. The drugs will be delivered in a discrete package. This ensures confidentiality is maintained. If your package fails to arrive or you get a damaged package, you can ask for a refund from Pharmacy Mall or you can request them to reship the package.


Getting drugs from Canada is cheaper and easier than most people think it is. As you have already seen in the price list in this article, you will be able to save 90% of your money on average. This does not mean that all Canadian pharmacies promising low prices should be trusted. There are numerous scammers operating in the online pharmacy space. To be sure that you will receive what you have ordered, we suggest that you use Pharmacy Mall.

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