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Cipla Online Pharmacy: Buy the Best Generic Drugs

For many people, when buying drugs to treat a variety of health conditions, buying these from online drugstores comes in handy. This is due to several reasons. These include the ability to acquire these drugs without having to go through the trouble of going to a doctor to acquire a prescription and having a chance to save a lot of cash.

Cipla Online Pharmacy: Buy the Best Generic Drugs
Suhagra – Sildenafil citrate from Cipla

One major company that has made it possible for patients to get access to drugs from online drugstores is Cipla. Cipla is a drug store that has a very high reputation and it is located in India. Since 1935 when this company opened doors, it has never compromised on the quality of products that it produces and hence, this gives you enough reason as to why you can trust them.

Cipla offers drugs that have the ability to treat a wide range of health defects. This means that they have been serving millions of customers. Cipla is recognized worldwide since they distribute their drugs to people from all over the world. One of the drugs that have given Cipla a good name is the generic version of Cialis they produce.

Cipla Cialis

Cialis is a drug that is used in the treatment of a problem that messes men’s sex lives. This health defect is usually referred to as erectile dysfunction or more commonly known to people as impotence. In this condition, the man lacks the ability to have and sustain an erection during a sexual encounter. Cialis which is a drug that contains tadalafil as the major ingredient gives men the ability to restore this ability.

Tadacip – Cipla Cialis

Up until 2017, this drug remained inaccessible to men who suffered from erectile dysfunction but were under a budget. This was due to its expensive nature with each pill costing $70. Eli Lilly lost their patent to this drug and this allowed other pharmaceutical companies to start manufacturing its generic versions. Cipla has been manufacturing the generic version of Cialis under the brand name Tadacip.

This drug which also has tadalafil in it as the active ingredient is also known to help men by restoring back their sex lives. For many men, this drug has been the best choice since they don’t need to part with a lot of cash as with the brand Cialis. This drug is also available in the online drugstores which makes it even more appealing for men suffering from impotence to acquire it since it does not require a prescription. For you to see how cheap Tadacip is as compared to the brand Cialis, you can check the following prices:

Tadacip Price

As you can see in the prices listed above, the same price for which you buy a single pill of Brand Cialis, You have a chance to buy a months’ worth of Tadacip which functions in a similar way to the Brand drug. However, it is easy to get tricked online when you are trying to buy Tadacip. Therefore, make sure that you don’t trust the first drugstore you find online. Instead, use the drug stores that we recommend to you.

Generic Viagra India Cipla

On top of Cipla offering Cialis as a solution to men’s impotence, this company also offers generic Viagra. Viagra which was approved for use as an erectile dysfunction treatment back in 1998 was only patented to be manufactured by Pfizer until they lost this patent back in 2013 and hence allowing other companies to manufacture this drug.

This has offered men a large number of benefits since then. The prices are lower and they can get this drug without a prescription. The drug that Cipla produces as the generic version of sildenafil citrate is Suhagra.

Suhagra has sildenafil citrate just like the brand Viagra and hence, it functions just like the brand Viagra would. Men prefer this drug. The major reason behind this is its prices which are as listed below:

Suhagra Cost

The brand Viagra, when purchased from local drugstores such as Walmart and Walgreens, is very costly. It will require you to pay $70 for a single pill. As compared to the prices listed above, this is not ideal for you. The same $70 can buy you more than 60 pills of Suhagra which will still eliminate erectile dysfunction in the same way Viagra from Pfizer would. It is important to note that you can only enjoy the prices listed above when you purchase your Suhagra from the pharmacies that we recommend to you.

Finpecia Cipla Online

One other drug that has managed to give Cipla the fame they have is Finpecia. This is a drug that is used by men to treat an enlarged prostate and scalp hair loss. This drug has also been prescribed to women who are dealing with excessive hair growth and also as a part of hormone therapy for women who are transgender.

Finpecia – Cipla Finasteride

This drug contains Finasteride as the active component and it is usually known by people under the brand names Proscar and Propecia. However, the brand drugs are usually too expensive to men who are under a budget. Also, both Propecia and Proscar being brand drugs, they require a prescription and they are not available online. A single pill of Propecia will cost you a minimum of $3. This price is too high as compared to the price at which you get Finpecia:

Finpecia Cost

The above prices are very affordable even to anyone who is operating under a budget. However, you will not be able to enjoy these prices not unless you buy this drug from the pharmacy that we recommend to you. They will deliver your drug without asking you to pay a shipping cost and you will get the drug within a few short days.


For years now, Cipla has been in the forefront providing health solutions to men and women. Their drugs are available online which means that you have the chance to save on your cash and also acquire the drugs without paying your doctor a visit to acquire a prescription. However, in order to be safe when buying your drugs online, you need to do it from the drug stores that we recommend to you. This is because the large percentage of online drug stores will either deliver to you counterfeit drugs or they will steal your money. Counterfeit drugs are not good for your health since they will cause adverse effects instead of healing you. Since it is not easy to distinguish a fake drug store from a real drug store online, follow our recommendations in order to stay safe.

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