Caverta is a Sildenafil-based ED medicine. it belongs to the generic Viagra family that has sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient. Caverta works like the other sildenafil drugs, it relaxes the penile muscle and helps the blood to flow properly during sexual activity. With the help of Caverta, impotence will no longer be a problem.

Caverta is an oral medicine. The effect of this drug can be felt in as fast as 30 minutes after taking it. To avoid delays with its action, it is best to take it later after having a light meal or on an empty stomach. Caverta won’t give you an erection per se. This ED medicine will help your penile muscle to react properly to sexual stimulation. It means that in order for you to see the effect of Caverta, sexual stimulation must be present. Most Caverta reviews have already mentioned the efficacy of this medicine.

Caverta Sildenafil 100mg Review

As buyers, we always prefer a brand or product with a proven track record. We want an ED medicine that has been used by people. If a product has a review, it means that the said product has been used. If the review is good, then the more that we can use it.

Caverta Reviews

Caverta Reviews

A Sildenafil or Caverta 100 mg review that we found was written from Rob59 and it showed some positive things for Caverta. Rob59 has been using Caverta regularly. He is a 70-year old bad ass and he loves the effect of Caverta. He added that it also works well even if he only takes it as needed. Rob59 didn’t mention any side effects even at his age.

With a good review from Rob59, it is no wonder that Caverta is slowly gaining online popularity in the ED market. Still, it would be better if there are other reviews that can back-up Rob59’s story and claim. It is still a way to go for Caverta.

Caverta vs Viagra

If we will try to make a comparison between Caverta and Viagra, we can actually say a few things. Caverta and Viagra are both meant to treat erectile dysfunction. Both ED medicines also use sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient. Both ED drugs are also a muscle relaxant and help in regulating blood flow into the penile muscle. With their sameness, here are some of the things that set Caverta apart from Viagra.

  • The color – Caverta is marketed as red tablets that look triangular while Viagra is packed in blue and has a diamond shape
  • The price – Caverta is available online and in local drugstores for as low as $1 to $5 per tablet while Viagra is available for as low as $5 to $12 per tablet

Caverta is one of the expensive generic Viagra medicines that you can find online. However, there are online pharmacies that offer it with a discount provided that you meet their requirements such as the number of pills to purchase or the total amount of order you need to take.

In addition, some internet drugstores also offer free shipping. With the price being the biggest difference between Caverta and Viagra, why not settle with Caverta and save some dollars along the way.

Caverta 100mg Price

Caverta 100 mg is the highest available formulation for Caverta. If your doctor gave you a prescription for 50 mg, do not change it to 100 mg just because you feel like you want it to. Changing or increasing your dosage is not advisable because it won’t increase the potency of the drug. A higher dosage can only mean higher chances of developing side effects or adverse reaction.

Caverta Price

Caverta Price

Caverta 100 mg or generic sildenafil cost $1.91 per pill. For an effect just like a real Viagra, who wouldn’t pay less than $2?

A branded Viagra on the other hand costs around $7. You can get a few discounts if you will order at least 20 pills.

The price of erectile dysfunction medicines varies from each online store and local drugstores. There are stores that offer cheaper Caverta 100 mg. If you want the best price for your ED refill, check our list of recommended online pharmacies.


Impotence or erectile dysfunction is said to be caused by physiological factors. These factors include diabetes, having a high blood pressure, an effect of a surgery, and smoking. Erectile dysfunction is treatable. One way to treat it is by taking an erectile dysfunction medicine such as Caverta. Caverta is a generic Viagra medicine.

The highest formulation available for Caverta is 100 mg. It is available in tablet form of bright red and it is taken orally. This ED medicine causes side effects such as headaches, nausea, dizziness, allergies, anemia, Peyronie’s disease or having a deformed penis, and tingling sensation in the fingers and feet. In can you experience persisting side effects, talk to your doctor. Do not change your prescription without telling your doctor.

Caverta works like Viagra. In general, considering Caverta is still more practical because:

  • It is cheaper as compared to Viagra
  • It is easier to find online as most online pharmacies offer Caverta and online pharmacies are not too strict when it comes to ordering without prescription (you just have to undergo a web consultation)
  • Caverta has the same potency as Viagra for more than half the price of Viagra

Caverta is just one of the sildenafil medicines that you can find online and that is from India. To date, at least 100 generic Viagra medicines are available in the market, up for grab and tried. Most of these medicines are not noticeable because of their price and lack of market presence.

Before having your ED refilled online, make sure to find an e-store that you can deal with. Avoid scamming websites. For your safety, you can check some of our recommended online pharmacies.