Adderall is a combination of two stimulant drugs (dextroamphetamine and amphetamine) used to treat a condition commonly referred to as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) suffered both by children and adults. Adderall is also used to treat another condition called narcolepsy characterized by an uncontrollable desire for deep sleep and difficulty keeping awake during the day. Adderall is sold in most pharmacies as a controlled substance and come in forms of oral tablets and capsules.

Adderall comes in either extended-release form or the instant release counterpart both of which are used to treat ADHD. Narcolepsy can, however, be treated only by the instant release form. By extension though, Adderall is being used to treat other sleep-related disorders and conditions like obesity and severe depression.

Adderall Generic Cost Walmart

Adderall is sold in most pharmacies at moderate prices. The prices may vary according to the pharmacy you are buying from and the insurance you have. The Adderall prices may vary too, depending on the dosage and quantity you are purchasing. Averagely, 30 Adderall tablets between 5-30mg will cost you between $141.42- $146.46. As you can see below, Adderall without any insurance cover is a little more on the higher side.

image2 27                 Various Pharmacy Prices of Adderall Without Insurance.

Best Adderall Coupon

You should, however, call your pharmacy to inquire about their rates if you have insurance. If your insurance coverage does not include Adderall medications, there are other ways of cutting the high cost at your pharmacy. One such way is by using pharmacy coupons and manufacturer’s’ coupons to reduce the price by over 50% on your prescription. Coupons can be accessed over the internet, downloaded and printed via text or email. Once you print your coupon, you will need to present it at your pharmacy before purchase and there you will get your discount.

image1 23                                                              Adderall Online Coupon

Another way to reduce significantly on the Adderall prices is by using an Adderall discount card which works almost similar to the coupons. Discount cards are accepted in almost every pharmacy. Discount cards will help you save so much money, they are durable and easy to carry around (wallet-sized).You can access your discount card on the internet just as you would your coupon, only ask for it to be sent to your email and it will be mailed to your preferred location. Check below for the huge difference you will see when you buy Adderall with a coupon and otherwise.

image3 26                                            A Big Difference When You Use Coupons

Simply get a pharmacy that sells Adderall ear you, download the coupon and get discounted prices for the same. Remember these coupons are reusable and will save you up to more than 50% of the prescription prices. Just carry it with you when you visit your pharmacy.

Cheaper Adderall: Indications and Contraindications

Adderall has several impacts both negative and positive on its users. Some of the benefits of Adderall are as follows:

  1. Increased wakefulness – You will have sessions of alertness and being active hence improved concentration. Adderall will help you fight fatigue thus a more productive you.
  2. Euphoria – Adderall will make you experience sessions of minimal stress and happiness that are unusually stronger. During that period you will not experience any fluctuations in your mood.
  3. Better cognitive control – When you are mentally active and alert, you will be in a position to make better judgments and decisions.
  4. Muscle strength – With alertness comes more energy and strength to handle your day to day activities.

Adderall comes with some negative impact on its users especially with prolonged usage as listed below:

  1. Addiction development – High daily doses of Adderall will lead to addiction where basically your body stops to operate normally when you stop usage. This means that without Adderall, your body functions are rendered dormant.
  2. Insomnia – Overly high daily dosage of Adderall will make you suffer from episodes of lack of sleep or worse still give you an impaired sleep-wake routine.
  3. Lack of appetite – Prolonged usage of Adderall will take away your appetite for food and as a result, you will lose weight and appear sort of malnourished.
  4. The onset of psychosis – Over time, Adderall will make you experience nasty episodes of paranoia and delusions. At that point, you need to know that your system is sending you a message that it can no operate without the drug.
  5. Muscle weakness – Your muscles will become weak and generally your strength levels will go down and your mouth area will start to dry up.
  6. Illnesses recur – Some patients have reported stomach upsets nausea, vomiting, fever, and headache.
  7.  While not everyone will experience these side effects, you will need to call your doctor immediately you experience the same. Worse still will be when you experience numbness in your limbs, teeth grinding, prolonged erections in men and an uncontrollable movement. You will need to be examined immediately before you get worse.

Adderall Generic Brands

There exist generic forms of Adderall as amphetamine salt combo.  The generic Adderall is available in strengths like Amphetamine-Dextroamphetamine (5-30mg), Dexedrine, Dextrostat, and Mydayis. Adderall XR (12-hour) is a form of the extended-release capsule that is a little more effective than the longer counterpart of 16-hour dosage. Adderall generics are not many but those that exist are all similar. Prices vary for the generic Adderall, be sure to counter check.                                                         Adderall Generic Brands

Adderall Generic Brands


Adderall is fairly expensive in most pharmacies and such overwhelming to those without so much money. At this point, the best way to navigate around it is by using the discount cards and coupons. Remember the coupons are 100% reusable hence the most effective way to access cheaper Adderall for everyone. Do not pay that cash before considering all possible solutions and options. Always remember to administer drugs with guidance from medical personnel to avoid any possible side effects. When in doubt, check our TOP List of recommended pharmacies for further guidance.