No one can dispute the fact that purchasing meds online is a very convenient and advantageous task when compared to going to a physical pharmacy. It makes prices of drugs competitive since you can easily check round pharmacies to see the offer that best suits your pocket. You are also able to benefit from discretion if you are the type of person that does not want to share your health challenges with anyone. Online pharmacies are a lifesaver to a lot of people who have the opportunity to check around online pharmacies within and outside their countries to get the best price. It is the advent of online pharmaceutical platforms that have made it possible and easy for patients to import drugs from other countries that sell meds cheaply. The United States and Canada are a perfect example. In the United States, meds are known to be on the high side and not everyone is able to afford the drugs they need without getting stressed financially. So, over the years, many patients have resulted in making their orders from Canadian online pharmacies which are widely known to sell quality drugs at much lower prices. The problem with buying your drugs online is the fact that not all the pharmacies you see online these days are trustable because some are not licensed. Ordering drugs from them is therefore unsafe. It is very important you order from pharmacies that are accredited. CIPA is Canadian International Pharmacy Association and its members are known to sell prescription drugs cheaply. In

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Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA) is an association where the member pharmacies sell a 90 day supply of maintenance medications to patients within Canada and the United States. For over a decade United States patients have bought drugs from its member pharmacies without having a bad experience. They are known to sell quality drugs, uphold the safety of patients and they are also known for cheap prices. These are the reasons why most patients love to buy their meds from online pharmacies who are members of CIPA. Every member of the CIPA is compelled to abide by the laws that guide pharmacies to ensure the safety of patients. They are constantly monitored to sell quality and approved drugs, they do not sell prescription drugs to patients without having a prescription, their online platforms are safe to use, they have physical and verifiable addresses in Canada, they are also transparent and have a competent support team and licensed pharmacist that are ready to answer your questions if you have any. You are assured of safety when you purchase from CIPA pharmacies. How then can you recognize pharmacies that are a member of the CIPA? Members of the CIPA have the CIPA seal on their website. Here is how the seal looks below. Members of the CIPA are known to sell prescription meds 80% lower than what you would pay in the local pharmacies in the US.

The seal displayed on their website shows that the pharmacy is a verified member of the CIPA and has reached all the licensing requirements.

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Is Cipa Rx Legitimate?

As we have rightly stated, CIPA is an association that ensures its members uphold safe pharmaceutical practices such as selling authentic and approved drugs, selling prescription drugs only with a prescription etc. It is a totally legitimate association that monitors the operations of its members to ensure that they are in line with the pharmaceutical regulations. Any pharmacy that is not in line with the regulations is immediately sanctioned and the seal is pulled off the pharmacies’ websites. Though the CIPA seal signifies that the pharmacy is licensed and a verified member of the CIPA and it is a pharmacy that can be trusted.



There are some illegitimate online Canadian pharmacies but yet display the seal on their websites. CIIPA always works to discover these sites to ensure that the CIPA seal is not displayed on their platform. Often times their domain names are also blocked. CIPA members are reputed to uphold the highest pharmaceutical ethical standards. In a year, over a million patients from the United States safely purchase meds from CIPA pharmacies. IF not for the low prices and safety associated with them the figures wouldn’t be this high. In a decade over 10 million patients from the US have safely purchased their meds from CIPA pharmacies. With all indications, CIPA pharmacies are legitimate.

Illegitimate Canadian Pharmacies

Canadian Pharmacies have a good reputation and are highly patronized for their affordable prices and the quality of their pharmacies. However, among the top-notch Canadian pharmacies are some pharmacies that can be said to be illegitimate as they do not abide by the regulations governing pharmacies in Canada. And they also do not have the qualities of licensed pharmacies. These pharmacies are always involved in unsafe practices that could compromise the health and all-around safety of patients that make orders from their website. This is because they sell counterfeit drugs and the data supplied by customers are unsafe with illegitimate Canadian pharmacies. Below are tips to, recognize that a pharmacy is illegitimate

•    They sell prescription drugs to patients without requesting a doctor’s prescription.#

•    Their prices are ridiculously too low.

•    They often do not have a physical address that could be verified

•    They also do not have licensed pharmacists.

•    In most cases, they sell foreign and unapproved drugs.

•    Illegitimate Canadian pharmacies do not have the seal of agencies on their websites (e.g CIPA VIPPS) which implies that they are not accredited.


CIPA is a Canadian pharmaceutical association that ensures verified members abide by the safety regulations for pharmacies. Purchasing from Canadian pharmacies is always a good option as your safety is guaranteed. You should also check our top list of recommended pharmacies for your safety and cheap prices. We also advise that you be mindful of the numerous scammers online.