Due to the constantly rising number of incidents of scam associated with pharmacy sites that claim to be of Canadian origin, it has become a pressing issue to customers to determine the genuineness of Canadian pharmacies before they purchase their drugs. These fakes are being run by scammers for the purpose of stealing valuable information from the customers and using them for their illegal purchases. And due to its good reputation, Canadian pharmacies have become the model drugstore for many counterfeit pharmacies to easily deceive people. The legitimate ones, the real Canadian pharmacies, have very good pricing for their pharmaceutical products. These stores are world-famous for selling medicines of high quality at bargain prices.

The customer service that they have are also superb, making them the preferred choice of the users when it comes to online shopping of medicines. And since most of the Canadian pharmacies have similar traits, it has become easier for the fake ones to blend in and pretend.

But even if these bogus pharmacy stores have blended themselves in perfectly, there’s still something that separates the real Canadian pharmacies from them. The genuine Canada pharmacies have something that these fake online drugstores don’t and buyers can find them easily if they will take the time to look around before they decide to make an order or a purchase. The real Canadian pharmacies have an association that only the real and licensed Canadian pharmacies can be a part of. This association is known as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association or CIPA, an organization that fights the existence of rogue online pharmacies and helps the customers identify the real ones.



It was established back in 2002 and has hundreds of Canadian pharmacies as members. Buyers can easily identify a real Canadian pharmacy if it has a CIPA seal on its site. Without this seal on a site that claims to be a Canadian pharmacy, it should already raise an alarm to the buyers.

To find real Canadian pharmacies, customers can also try going to Pharmacy Checker, a website of US origin that has a great database of legitimate Canadian online pharmacies that are still in operation. On its site are various Canadian drugstores that have already been tested and tried by customers and have been proven legit. Ratings are also available at Pharmacy Checker coming from customers who have already tried purchasing from these Canadian online drugstores which could help customers decide on where to purchase.

Independent pharmacy review sites are also great places to find real Canadian pharmacies. These review sites are where online pharmacies are rated by the critics based on their features, prices, and services. In-depth analyses and personal reviews for these sites are also available at these independent sites to help customers in choosing their Canadian pharmacy. These are honest reviews from critics and the customers alike and warnings are also available on these websites concerning fraudulent and suspicious online pharmacies that should be avoided.

How to Buy Medicines Safely from an Online Pharmacy

One of the best ways to be safe when purchasing medicines from online pharmacies is to start off with small purchases. Customers should never start by purchasing large amounts of drugs from an online pharmacy that they’ve just found but they should first test the waters first before making big orders. In this way, their losses will be limited to the small amount that they have spent just in case that the store doesn’t deliver. Buyers should also use credit cards that have small limits if it’s their first time shopping to avoid their finances to be exploited if the store that they purchased from turns out to be a counterfeit one.

Another thing that the customers should be aware of is if the online pharmacy is a secure site. Secure websites always have a padlock icon before their domain names and only uses https:// and not HTTP://.

Padlock Icon + Https://

Padlock Icon + Https://

The https:// is the proof that the site is safe and has been verified secure by the internet itself. Https:// sites use SSL encryption to protect the information that the customers send from being intercepted by outside sources. The encryption hides the sensitive information from their eyes and makes the transaction between the customer and the site confidential/

How Do I Know if an Online Pharmacy is Legitimate?

The quickest and the best way of knowing if an online pharmacy is legitimate is to use the database of the fraud checking websites to run the domain name of a pharmacy site in question. Nothing can be hidden from these scam detection websites because their resources run a full check on a site’s WHOIS record, checking if its IP address matches its actual location and many other things such as the site’s exact street address, administrator, date of creation, country of origin, and others.

Sample WHOIS Record

Sample WHOIS Record

Customers will get the chance to know everything about the site before they even begin to make a purchase, protecting them from possible incidents of fraud. If the site is legit, these scam detection sites will grant their approval. But if the site is fake, the online pharmacy that was checked will appear as rogue.

Fight Health Care Fraud and Scams – Online Pharmacy Fraud

Getting their money stolen is not the only risk that the customers face in dealing with fraudulent online pharmacies. Some scam pharmacy websites even send their customers fake or expired medicines which could be more dangerous than losing their money since these drugs can be fatal when taken. To avoid these kinds of risks and online pharmacy fraud, customers should only buy from pharmacy stores which have been thoroughly checked and has a good track record as an online drugstore.


Customers should always make sure to buy their meds only from the real Canadian pharmacies to avoid getting defrauded by the counterfeit ones. To determine if a Canadian pharmacy is legit and safe, buyers should always look for the CIPA seal which is the proof of its genuineness. Users can also refer to independent pharmacy review sites where the real Canadian pharmacies are being reviewed to provide the customers insight and choices as to where they should buy their meds. For a good list of real Canadian pharmacies, check our top list of recommended providers.