Tramadol is a narcotic drug indicated for pain relieving among the human beings. The medication was once taken works by affecting how your body responds to pain. It works from the brain. The active ingredient in the medicine is Tramadol hydrochloride. It is designed in a tablet formulation that should be taken orally by the mouth with the help of a glass of clean water.

The medication is to be taken on need the only basis and should always be consumed as directed by the doctor. If you want to reap the best results from the medication, you should consider using it when you get the first pain signs. Your doctor should advise on the contraindicated medications with Tramadol. Check the label for side effects and dosage. Withdrawal symptoms are likely in cases where the medicine has been used for quite long.

Tramadol has been in circulation since 1995s when it was first produced. Because it is now open for production, it got several manufacturers including Vertical Pharma and Janssen Pharmaceuticals which happens to be a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. These drug makers are of high reputation with markets spanning the seven continents of the globe. Tramadol continues to be among the first choice in the market for relieving pain. The drug is approved by the Food and Drug Agency.

Tramadol Dosage

Tramadol appears in a capsule formulation. The dose is dependent on one’s health and the body’s response to the drug. If need be, get your doctor to confirm your medical condition to get the right dosage. Low doses are usually recommended for beginners. You can then scale up with time as per the pain demands. It is essential that you keenly follow your doctor’s directions and guidance to the latter to avoid any medical complication.



You should never exceed 400 mg daily as doing so is overdosing, and you may suffer the repercussion of overdosing. It can only trigger adverse side effects on the user like nausea. For the older people, they should be keen not to do more than 300 Mg. The capsules must be taken at intervals of 4-6 hours. In case of any inquiry on Tramadol and dosage, do not hesitate but call your doctor. Persistent pains should also be reported to a professional. Check the seal for the contraindications of the product. Tramadol Side Effects

There is no drug manufactured organically that is without side effects. Side effects are usually the unwanted and unpleasant feeling that makes one uncomfortable after using a particular medication. When you take Tramadol, you should always anticipate some side effects. Most importantly, not all people will get the side effects while for some, it may be severe. These range from mild to moderate. Commonly reported side effects include; constipation, pruritus, anxiety, diarrhea, agitation, nausea, hallucination, tremors, diaphoresis and actual vomiting. Also, you can also have insomnia or sleep disorder, dizziness, blurred vision, bloating, chills, chest pains, decreased skin sensitivity to touch and dark urine among many others. Check the label for a full list of side effects to expect. These side effects should be self-healing after some time, probably 24 hours. If they persist for long, do not hesitate to register them with your doctor.

Tramadol Reviews

Customer reviews are a good way of knowing how a product is in the market. Most prospective customers usually use customer reviews to determine whether to purchase a product or not. Positive feedback may make one buy while negative reviews putt off clients. Out of the previous user testimonies, you can get to rate the efficacy, the side effects and other important factors in the case of medications. Independently published customer reviews usually take precedence and hold the weight than those that appear on the vendor or manufacturers site for the simple reason that those at the website can be doctored.

We have managed to pull some of the reviews for Tramadol, and they are quite positive. This shows that the drug has a good reputation with previous users. Pepeto says he has been taking the medication since he underwent an operation. He says the pill works well for him will no side effects at all.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Mom who suffers from restless legs syndrome says Tramadol works for him too. She is happy that she got to know about Tramadol because almost other drugs did not work to get his knee pain away. The third person who had depression says it is the best option for him in treating his condition of depression. This shows a positive trend among the majority of the users that can encourage others to try it. However, a medic must guide Tramadol dispensation and use. This information, therefore, does not take the place of the physician.


Tramadol is a drug that is indicated for pain relieving. The medication was approved by Food and Drug Agency in 1995 and has been in use as a powerful painkiller since then. The medicine works on the brain part that manages sensitivity to pain. It controls how your body reacts to pain and hence helps decrease the pain. The formulation of the drug is the capsule. The dosage per day should not exceed 400 Mg. Exceeding may increase the severity of the indicated side effects like nausea, dizziness, blurred vision and dark urine among others.

Tramadol is available from most online stores where you can easily make your orders. However, you should always make your purchases from credible online stores that have the accreditation to sell Tramadol. This will help you avoid scam sites that may make you lose your money. You can check with our Top Recommended Pharmacy Stores from where you can make orders of Tramadol.