One of the main reasons why most people turn to online pharmacies when purchasing prescription drugs is the fact that they will not have to go through a doctor’s consultations where they have to expose a lot of personal information before they get a prescription for the medications. Some online pharmacies are located in places where all drugs are classified as over-the-counter and will, therefore, dispense all drugs without asking for a prescription.

Trusted Tablets is one of the online pharmacies that will dispense highly effective medication and will not require a prescription to process the order. The pharmacy staff will ensure that you will get the drugs you ordered for which will contain the same chemical composition as the drugs sold in local pharmacies.

Not every online pharmacy that claims to sell prescription drugs without asking for a prescription is legitimate. Some of them are rogue pharmacies that will sell substandard drugs at very low prices in an effort to convince many people to buy from them. The following are ways that will help you in identifying a legitimate online pharmacy where you can buy effective prescription drugs:

  • Check the reviews from customers who have previously bought from the pharmacy: if the reviews from most of the customers are positive, you can also be assured that the pharmacy will deliver highly effective medications as well.
  • Go through the items that are sold at the pharmacy: a legitimate online pharmacy should only sell substances that are legally permitted. If you discover that an online pharmacy is selling illegal substances, do not buy your prescription drugs from them.
  • A legitimate online pharmacy should have a functional contact number through which you will be able to reach them whenever you need to talk to the customer service representative.
  • There should be a licensed pharmacist at the online pharmacy that will be responsible for dispensing orders. He should also be available to answer any concerns regarding the drugs sold at the pharmacy.
  • Consider the prices of the medications sold at the pharmacy; if the prices are too good to be true; do not buy from them as the drugs could be counterfeit.

How to Order Online Without a Prescription

Once you have identified a credible online pharmacy like Trusted Tablets that can be trusted for the supply of your medications, follow the following process to place your order.

Trusted Tablets Pharmacy

Trusted Tablets Pharmacy

  • Enter the drug name in the search section provided at the pharmacy’s website to find out if the drug is in stock.
  • If the drug is available, you will click on it so that you can view a more detailed description of the drug. Choose the dosage and the quantity you wish to buy and add it to cart, then press the checkout icon.
  • On the billing section, you will be able to see the value of the medications and the discount that you will get off your purchases. Fill in the details of your credit card or any other method that the pharmacy will accept in paying for the drugs.
  • As soon as the payment is successfully processed, your drugs will be shipped and you will be able to receive them within twenty-one days. If you want the drugs to get to you earlier, you can opt for the more expensive express mail that will take a maximum of eight days to get to you.

You should ensure that the details entered are correct to avoid unnecessary delays in the shipment. You should also remember that giving the wrong address may result in losing the drugs and the pharmacy will not pay for them since it was your mistake. You will be forced to buy other drugs which will make the cost of your prescription drugs too high.

Photo of a Trusted Tablets Shopping Cart

Photo of a Trusted Tablets Shopping Cart

No Prescription Pharmacy Discounts

Most online pharmacies will offer huge discounts which at times will be 70% off the selling price on selected drugs as a way of appreciating their customers and encouraging them to continue shopping from them.

Most of the discounts are programmed to run for a specified period and then deactivated. You will only enjoy the discount if you buy the drugs that are being sold at a discount within the period that the offer is active.

You should also ensure that you have studied all the requirements of the offer so that you do not miss out on the discounts. If you are supposed to buy a specified amount of drugs to get the discount, ensure that you have met that requirement so that the discount will be allocated to you.

Another form of discount offered is the free shipping where some of the online pharmacies will ship any order without asking you to pay for the transportation. Other pharmacies will put a limit which a customer must reach in his purchases before he can get the discount. For instance, the pharmacy may choose to offer free shipping on purchases worth over $100. You will, therefore, have to reach this target to be able to get the discount.

Discounted price of Viagra Oral Jelly on Trusted Tablets

Discounted price of Viagra Oral Jelly on Trusted Tablets

No Prescription Pharmacy Legit

Not all online pharmacies that sell prescription drugs without asking for a prescription are legit. You should check for proof of verification for the bodies that regulate the working of online pharmacies before you can trust any pharmacy.

You should also check the reviews from previous customers to know if the pharmacy is trustworthy or not. An online pharmacy like Pharmacy Mall is a reputable online pharmacy that will sell prescription drugs without asking for a prescription and the drugs will be very effective.

Do not buy prescription drugs from suspicious sites that very little is known of their operations as the likelihood of getting fake and ineffective medications from them is very high.

Trusted Tablet is one of the reliable online pharmacies that will not require a prescription and yet you will get high-quality medications. Placing an order with them will not only be safe, but you will get to save a lot of money from your prescription medications.


A no prescription pharmacy like Trust Tablets is a reliable choice for those that do not want to go through the pain of getting a prescription in order to get their medications. All you have to do is to go to the pharmacy’s website, check whether the drug is in stock and if it is, make your purchase by following the simple steps. You should ensure that you buy your medications from trusted sites only so that you do not get scammed by those selling fake drugs. You can check out our list of Top Online Pharmacies to get help in choosing a legitimate online pharmacy to buy your medications from.