Some of the most recognized online drugstores on the web include shops that are usually “Canadian” in nature. Customers usually prefer online pharmacies with the term “Canada” appended to their names because of their correlation with cheaper prices yet high-quality products.

Online Prescription Drugs Canada: Why are Buyers too Eager in Purchasing Medicines from Canada Drugstores?

Although online pharmacies already scream affordability, customers still look for Canadian online drugstores since pharmacies of Canadian nature are renowned for their even cheaper prices. Medicines from local drugstores in the United States are the most expensive since the country is notorious for protecting brand companies and their patent exclusivities, hence making it hard for generic manufacturers to enter the market and allow for cheaper medicines.

One Canadian Drugstore

Canada, compared to the United States, is keen on protecting the interests of its consumers. Unlike the United States, Canada is implementing laws favoring the distribution of generic medicines to its consumers so the patients can have access to cheap medicines.

Canadian Drugstores like the ones featured in this section are online pharmacies operating under Canadian licenses. They are supposedly located in Canada, but need not have their local drugstore counterparts. Most of the Canadian online pharmacies have several accreditations for their credibility as online stores, including the ones from the following organizations:

  • CIPA – Canadian International Pharmacy Association
  • CPA – Canada Pharmacists Association
  • MIPA – Manitoba International Pharmacists Association
  • IPABC – International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia

Online Canadian Drugstore

Online Canadian Drugstore

Although Canadian pharmacies should be stationed in Canada, some of the online pharmacies bearing the Canada name are nowhere near to being located in Canada. Yes, a large fraction of the Canadian drugstores have servers from Canada, but some Canadian drugstores are merely claiming to be Canadian even if they have nothing to do with Canada or Canadian medicines.

Canadian online drugstores are known to source their products locally (in Canada), but some of them claim to ship out medicines from other countries including Australia, India, New Zealand, Singapore, and several countries. Canadian online drugstores have so-called networks of dispensaries all around the globe to significantly reduce transit time.

However, they are not so keen on sharing the exact details of where they source their medicines from for each order, so buyers are still guessing exactly where their medicines come from. Nevertheless, customers can still trust the quality of the medicines they receive from Canadian pharmacies since they ensure that the medicines are at least approved by the local Food and Drug Administration of the country of the product manufacturer.

Online Drugstore Canada Reviews from Consumers

In order to determine if customers benefited from Online Drugstore Canada shops, we searched for customer testimonials for Canadian online drugstores. Here are some of the 3rd-party reviews we were able to discover for Canada drugstores:

Online Drugstore Canada Review

Online Drugstore Canada Review

According to one Billhowden who wrote his review for one Canada pharmacy on April 2018, prices for the medicines on the shop were good, but he prefers that the shop keeps him informed about his order. According to him, the shop he used should send constant email updates so he wouldn’t be kept in the dark regarding his order’s progress. Although the user did not have a negative experience with the particular online pharmacy, he rated the shop only 3 out of 5 stars.

Online Drugstore Canada Review

Online Drugstore Canada Review

Lauretta, on the other hand, gave the store 5 out 5 points. According to her, she’s used the same Canadian online pharmacy for years because it helped her get the best prices for the medicines she needed and also because the store offered courteous service to customers like her. She slightly complained about the slow shipping for her products, but she was always willing to wait for her orders rather than pay for expensive US prices for the same products.

Online Drugstore Canada Review

Online Drugstore Canada Review

Despite the positive comments left by most buyers for Canadian online pharmacies, there are still customers who were not pleased with the performance of these drugstores. “Camote”, for one, was unsatisfied with one drugstore’s performance and hence rated the store “horrible” and gave it 1/5 points. According to him, he was given various excuses by the shop he used to the store can delay the shipping. He ended up paying for an expensive shipping fee for his wife’s medications and according to him, the store played him for his dire need of cheap medicine for his wife. He did mention if he was able to receive his order, though.

How to Find a Shop with Legitimate Online Drugs Canada?

There are plenty of Canada online drugstores on the web, but not all of them are reliable. In order to avoid rogue online pharmacies that have the potential to scam consumers, here are some pointers you may need to keep in mind:

  • Use online drugstores that are asking for prescriptions or are at least offering online consultations.
  • For Canadian drugstores, use websites like CIPA Rx’s to help you identify if they are really certified by the organization or are just feigning the seals of approval.

CIPA Rxs List of Legitimate Canadian Drugstores

CIPA Rx’s List of Legitimate Canadian Drugstores

  • You can also check if the shops you’re eyeing have the right details using platforms like Scamner, Scam Adviser, and Legit Script.
  • Check if a store is responsive and if its contact details are accurate.

In the end, you should still trust your gut whenever shopping online—when something feels wrong, it won’t hurt to delay your search a bit to spend more time researching about a store in question.


Online Drugstore Canada shops are abundant online. Customers usually prefer them over purchasing their medicines locally since these Canadian drugstores provide the lowest possible prices for the medicines they need. However, since not all Canada online drugstores are reliable, consumers should be aware of the qualities that set legitimate stores apart from the illegitimate ones. To help you in this regard, you can use our rundown of TOP Web Vendors for the year.

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