Online pharmacies that don’t require a prescription are a blessing to many customers. Prescriptions cost money since patients need to pay for the professional fees of their doctors for their consultation, a fee that could’ve been additional money for purchasing their medications. Patients with health insurances might have no need of paying for their doctor’s fees since their health care coverages pay for it but it’s still something that they will be paying for eventually with their own money. Internet pharmacy stores that don’t require their customers to provide any prescriptions help them save their cash and maximize their savings. With more money saved, it will be easier for the customers to buy more medicines in the future for their use.

These internet pharmacies are not only special because they skip the usual process of requiring customers to provide prescriptions for prescription drugs. The prices for their medicines are also affordable, making it available to everyone. In contrast to pharmacies in the local scene which are always pushing for the sale of costly meds, online pharmacies are always looking to save their customer’s money. Buyers report of saving for as much as 90% on their usual prescription expenses, getting their drugs for prices that they never thought possible. People were so used to getting their medications at expensive prices that the experience of getting low-cost drugs was new to most. But customers have proven for themselves that these cheap meds are legit and of the same quality as the pricey meds that they’re used to buy since they give the exact same results in treating the conditions that they use them for.

The most popular online pharmacies that do not require prescriptions from their customers are the Canadian online drugstores.

Pharmacy Mall, a Canadian Online Drugstores

Although some of them still make prescriptions a requirement, most of them allow their clients to purchase their meds freely. Canadian online drugstores are also known for selling only FDA-approved medications to their customers, prioritizing their safety above anything else. The countries where the Canadian pharmacies source their medications from are Australia, United Kingdom, Turkey, New Zealand, Mauritius, Germany, and India. These countries are known for the good quality of medicines they produce and since the manufacturing costs and the prices for the raw materials that they use are low, they are able to provide them to the Canadian pharmacies at cheap fees.

On top of the affordable prices for their products, these online pharmacies even offer various bonuses to the customers that will buy from them. They even give away freebies to their customers each time they order. The most popular giveaway that they provide is free bonus pills added to the customer’s orders. Discounts of various kinds are also available for the customers to benefit from and one of them is the bulk purchase discount. In this kind of discount, buyers can potentially save hundreds of dollars because as their purchases increase, the cost of the pills that they order also decreases. Another discount that buyers can benefit from is the returning customer discounts. They simply need to be a repeat customer to get for as much as 10% off from the total amount of their orders. Buyers can also refer other customers to get customer referral discounts which could also give them large reductions from the total sum of their orders.

Verify Before You Buy – Online Pharmacy Verification

Verify Before You Buy

Verify Before You Buy

Verify Before You Buy is an online pharmacy verification service which is powered by LegitScript, a leading online security provider. On Verify Before You Buy’s website, buyers can test and check if an online pharmacy is indeed legitimate by running its domain name on the box provided. The pharmacy’s domain will be thoroughly checked through LegitScript’s database and will be determined if it’s a scam or if it’s a safe and genuine online pharmacy. This service is offered by LegitScript for free and buyers can use if each time they go online to find online drugstores to order from.

The risks of mistakenly ordering from a fake pharmacy is very great and customers are always advised to be careful. A single mistake would be very costly as the counterfeit pharmacies are being operated by scammers whose goal is to take advantage of the unsuspecting customers and steal their credit card and personal information from them. Once in the hands of the scammers, these data will then be used for fraudulent activities and it’s already too late when customers realize their mistake. Some of these sites are even more dangerous as these send fake or expired meds that could be fatal when used. To avoid all of these dangers altogether, customers are advised to use Verify Before You Buy to their advantage and be safe online.

What to Know Before Using an Online Pharmacy

Online safety and security are the priorities when looking for an online pharmacy to use. A customer can never afford to compromise their safety online since it is a place where great danger lurks for those who are careless. What buyers should look for before making a decision to purchase from an online pharmacy is the https:// before its domain name and the padlock icon which says the site is secure.

Secure Website

Secure Website

When a pharmacy site has these characteristics on their domain name, customers can be assured that the site has been verified by the web as secure and the information that they will send would not be intercepted by third parties or outside sources.

How Do I Know if an Online Pharmacy is Legitimate?

The best way to prove the legitimacy of an online pharmacy is to run its domain name on fraud-checking websites. This is the surest and the best way since these sites have a large database which will help the customers determine quickly if a site is genuine or a sham. Many fake pharmacies have very deceiving appearances which could trick even those who have a great experience with online purchasing of meds.

Scam Adviser

Scam Adviser

To be 100% sure and to avoid making costly mistakes, customers can use sites like Scam Adviser or LegitScript to verify the online pharmacies they’re visiting free of charge.


Online pharmacies that don’t require a prescription are a great help to many people since in skipping prescriptions as a requirement in buying prescription drugs, buyers are able to save money and buy more of the meds that they need. These pharmacies also sell their drugs at affordable prices, a relief to patients who are on a tight budget. For other online pharmacies that don’t require prescriptions, check our top list of recommended providers.