Pain is something that everyone is familiar with. It is common and occurs to different people on different occasions for different reasons. The pain could be mild or severe. The extent of the pain determines the type of painkillers that would be used because there are both strong and mild painkillers. The painkiller that would be used from a headache that stemmed from stress would be different from the painkiller used for the pain that stems from a removed tooth. So, while some drugs that do not need a doctor’s prescription exist there are also pain pills that require a doctor’s prescription. Whatever pain pills you use or need you could always get it online. Like you know online pharmaceutical platforms make the purchase of a drug easy and steady. In this article, We would be discussing both prescription and non-prescription pain pills and the best place you could get them online. With this information, you would be absolutely able to get authentic pain pills that would totally extirpate whatever pain issues you have. So, why don’t you sit tight and go through what we have packaged for you in this article?

Non-Prescription Pain Pills

You know there are times that you feel pain either a headache or a mild muscle pain. What do you do? You walk up to your pharmacy to buy one of those pain pills you are familiar with that would relieve you of the pain. In many cases, people even have a couple of these pills in their houses to use whenever mild pains occur may be from the hectic day to day life. These pain pills are Non-prescription pain pills can also be referred to as OTC pain pills. They are mild pills that do not have the propensity to keep the user dependent on it or addicted. These pain pills do not cause dizziness or grogginess. They are mild in action pills and are used to treat less severe pains. These non-prescription pain pills include Ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, acetaminophen etc. These drugs are the examples of non-prescription drugs that effectively relieve pain. These are the drugs that you can easily get over the counter to treat pain or fever without a doctor’s prescription

Non-Prescription Pain Pill (Aspirin)

The fact that they do not require a doctor’s prescription signifies that they have been used for a long time and their effects have been determined. It also signifies that they are less potent drugs that do not have very strong effects. This does not imply they are not effective in treating pain, it only points to the already established fact that they cannot be used to treat acute pains.

Prescription Pain Pills

While you can easily get OTC pain pills, you cannot just walk up to your pharmacy to get prescription pain pills without having a prescription from your doctor. These pills are used for more serious pains because the common OTC pain pills are not sufficient to battle severe pain. They are strong and thus require a doctor’s prescription before they can be obtained. Examples include hydrocodone & acetaminophen (Norco, Vicodin, Lortab, Lorcet), methadone (Dolophine), oxycodone (oxaydo, oxycontin), morphine, fentanyl (Fentora, Duragesic, Abstral, Onsolis, Actiq) etc. These drugs are likely to make you feel dizzy and groggy. They also have a proclivity to cause dependence or addiction.

Prescription Pain Pill Image (OxyContin)

Prescription Pain Pill Image (OxyContin)

Caution should, therefore, be observed while using prescription pain pills. You should always use them as directed by your physician. They should also be only used when you have tried less powerful pain pills but to no avail. They should not be used for a long time and use of these drugs should not be stopped suddenly to prevent withdrawal symptoms. They should be stopped gradually by reducing the quantity taken. Also, avoid operating a heavy machinery or driving while using a prescription pain pill in case it makes you feel dizzy. And if the pain persists, to do not extend the period of dosage, rather, consult with your doctor. If you experience chronic side effects you should visit your doctor immediately.

Pain Pills Online Pharmacy

With the advent of online pharmacies, getting pills has never been easier. You could get whatever pills you need, including pain pills to your doorstep with only a couple of clicks. You are also able to surf around several online pharmacies to check for the best prices. Though online pharmacies are easy and convenient to use, you have got to be careful with these pharmacies because not all of them can be trusted. Many of the pharmacies online today are not accredited. Therefore, they could sell you counterfeit pills and also scam you financially. The question now is, what pharmacy can you trust to get your authentic pain pills? Well, we have compiled a list of top-notch and accredited pharmacies that you can trust to protect your data and ship out authentic drugs to you. To see the pharmacies on this list, check our top list of recommended pharmacies. Pharmacies on this list sell only FDA approved pills, they would never ship out counterfeits, their platforms are secured to protect your financial and personal data supplied while making a purchase, they are licensed and follow all pharmaceutical regulations to ensure your safety, they sell pills at the most competitive prices, they have reliable customer support and also licensed medical professionals on their team.

Pharmacy Mall Pain Relief Products

Pharmacy Mall Pain Relief Products

All these are the qualities of a trustable online pharmacy. We implore you to check the list so you don’t fall prey to counterfeits.


Pain is quite common with individuals. However, the magnitude of the pain is what matters because this is what is going to determine the type of pain pill you could use to treat such pain. You might require a mere OTC pain pill or a prescription pain pill. If your pain does not subside after using OTC pain pills, you might want to visit your doctor to prescribe you a stronger pain pill. Check our top list of recommended for trusted pharmacies to get your authentic pain pills. Finally, we advise that you be watchful of scammers online.