Many people depend on Canadian pharmacies as the answer to their need for cheap medicines. The constantly rising costs of medicines are becoming too heavy for the patients to shoulder and unless a source for more affordable medicines is available, they would no longer be able to buy their drugs. Thankfully, Canadian pharmacies have already been in the business of providing effective but low-cost medicines for almost 2 decades and their offers still stand. People no longer have to put up with the costly prices of their medications at local pharmacies, they can visit Canadian pharmacies and buy the medicines that they need without having to spend too much.

Since Canadian pharmacies source their meds from pharma companies which are located in countries where raw materials and production costs are low, they can also sell their products at similarly cheap prices to their customers. These medicines are also certified safe to use since they are also approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), just like the costly local brands.

The pharmaceutical companies that supply the medications which can be bought at Canadian pharmacies are not just any drug manufacturing companies but are GMP-certified to ensure the quality of the meds that they produce. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, a certification that only the World Health Organization (WHO) can grant to pharma companies with the safest manufacturing plants.

The drugs sold by Canadian pharmacies are cheap for a reason. Unlike the expensive medicine brands, these drugs are generic versions which work just as excellent but modestly priced since these are just reproduced versions of the original drugs. Customers can take advantage of the generic meds which are offered by Canadian pharmacies since these drugs contain the same active ingredients as their original version which means it will have the same benefits and risks. Buying generics drugs works to the user’s advantage because not only will they be able to get the exact same effects as the branded ones, they will also save for as much as 90% of their money because of its cheap price.

Aside from the safe, excellent, and cheap medicines that can be bought at Canadian pharmacies, they are also known for the exceptional customer service that they provide. Most of them have customer service hotlines that are open round the clock to provide assistance to their international customers who are in different time zones. Their representatives are friendly, courteous, and most of all knowledgeable and able to help with whatever the customers may be having issues with. Be it about the medicines or any questions related to the pharmacy itself or anything that the customer needs help with, people are sure to get their concerns sorted out with the assistance of the Canadian pharmacy customer service representatives.

Canadian Pharmacy No Scripts

Prescriptions are a usual requirement at local drugstores whenever customers will be looking to purchase prescription drugs. And to secure a prescription, customers would need to consult their doctors and pay their professional fees in the process if they are without medical insurance. If a patient has healthcare coverage, they would no longer need to pay their doctors but they would need to pay their health insurance companies. Anyway, prescriptions cost money and it is not a small fee. And in requiring customers to provide prescriptions, they are forced to spend more than just the medicines that they need to buy.

Canadian Pharmacy No Scripts, Pharmacy Mall

Canadian Pharmacy No Scripts, Pharmacy Mall

But many Canadian online pharmacies are aware of this so they have decided to skip that part and allow the buyers to purchase their medications without having to provide scripts. Not only were they able to make a long process short but they were also able to help the customers save money. Without having to provide prescriptions at Canadian drugstores, customers are now able to get their prescription medicines and buy more of them according to their need. Although it has a downside of allowing anyone to just purchase prescription drugs even those who don’t need them, the benefit of great savings to the customers still outweighs the risks.

For the protection of the customers, most Canadian online pharmacies don’t sell federally-controlled substances. Federally-controlled drugs need special prescriptions and permissions due to their dangerous nature when used improperly. But apart from these drugs, all the other medication that the customers are going to need can be bought from these pharmacies.

Canadian Pharmacy Viagra

The most popular products of Canadian pharmacies are the meds for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), a sexual health condition in elderly males. And since ED meds are very expensive at local stores, customers go to Canadian pharmacies to purchase them for cheaper prices. The best-known brand of all ED meds is Viagra and it’s on the top spot of every bestseller list that Canadian pharmacies have.

Generic Viagra Tablets Price

Generic Viagra Tablets Price

The local price of Viagra fetches for up to $83 USD for each 100 mg pill but Canadian pharmacies only sell it for $7 to $10 USD each. Viagra generics are even cheaper and can be bought for only $0.29 USD for each tablet depending on the number of pills that the customer will buy. This great savings offer of Canadian pharmacies makes it a better place for buying Viagra, much better than local pharmacies where its price is very costly.

Canadian Pharmacy Cialis

Cialis is also an ED medication which can be purchased at Canadian pharmacies. Like Viagra, Cialis’ local price is also expensive, fetching for up to $79 USD locally. But this drug can be bought for as low as $1 USD at most Canadian drugstores.

Generic Cialis 20 mg Price

Generic Cialis 20 mg Price

Compared to Viagra which works only for a maximum of 5 hours, Cialis lasts for much longer at up to 36 hours. This drug is also popular among men with ED but since its side effects last just as long as its effect duration, the population of Viagra users is still greater.


Canadian pharmacies are great places for purchasing meds because of the savings opportunity that it offers to its customers. Buyers can save for up to 90% of the money that they spend in purchasing at local drugstores, allowing them to buy more meds and save more money. Like the meds at local drugstores, their products are also approved by the FDA and are only sourced from GMP-certified drug manufacturing companies. Customers can also check our top list of recommended providers for trusted Canadian pharmacies to buy from.