Identifying pills is a very important thing. When users forget what pills they are taking because of losing important labels or transferring their pills to a different pill bottle, it becomes a real problem since, without the necessary information about their medications, they might put their health at great risks. Taking medicines without knowing what it is could be fatal because a user might be taking a medicine that could have adverse effects on their current health condition. They might also endanger their health in taking pills which are already expired. But just in case the patients will be finding leftover pills on their medicine kits and they’ve already forgotten what they are, there are still ways to identify them. Either they could ask their healthcare providers what those pills are or they can go to the internet and use pill identifier tools offered for free by sites like Good Rx or Drugs. These pill identifier tools recognize the pills based on their color, shape, size, and pill markings. And one of the easiest way to identify the pills is by its markings.

One of the most common markings on pills is the digits 101 and some letters before it or on the other side of the pill. Just because a pill has a 101 imprint does it mean that it is all the same for all pills bearing the 101 marking. There are different medicines that use the 101 imprint so customers should always be careful in identifying them before even using them. There are actually more than 130 different kinds of medicine pills that bear the 101 imprint and this diversity of pills is what makes pill identifier tools necessary. But we are just going to give a few examples of the most popular pills that have the 101 marking on them.

Tramadol hydrochloride 50 mg is among the medicines whose pills have a 101 imprint on them. To differentiate it from the other pills, it has a marking of OUYI on the opposite side where the 101 is printed. Tramadol is white in color and elliptical in shape and its manufacturer is Virtus Pharmaceuticals LLC. There are other pharmaceutical companies who also manufacture tramadol but only Virtus Pharma uses this kind of marking. This drug is a narcotic analgesic that is usually taken for treating severe pain. But due to its addictive nature, it is classed as a Schedule IV substance by the DEA and is a drug under the Controlled Substances Act (CSA).

Another medicine that bears the 101 imprint is gabapentin 100 mg. Its pill has a marking of IP 101 and has an exact size of 16 mm. Like tramadol, gabapentin 100 mg is also white in color but is capsule-shaped. Its manufacturer is Amneal Pharmaceuticals, AvKare Inc., and McKesson Packaging services. Gabapentin 100 mg is used for treating patients with alcohol withdrawal, anxiety, epilepsy, postherpetic neuralgia, and benign essential tremor.

Budeprion XL 150 mg is also a medicine that has a 101 imprint on its pills. The exact imprint on each of its pill can be read as A 101 and it only has a small size of 7 mm. Similar to the first two pills 101 imprint pills, Budeprion XL 150 mg is also white in color but has a round shape.

Buproprion 150 mg Generic

The generic name of this drug is bupropion and is used for treating depression, seasonal affective disorder, and major depressive disorder. This drug belongs to the antidepressant class and is manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals USA.

Metformin 101

Metformin hydrochloride extended-release 500 mg is also among the list of medicines that use the 101 imprint on its pills. It belongs to the non-sulfonylureas drug class and is commonly used by patients for treating polycystic ovary syndrome, female infertility, insulin resistance syndrome and diabetes type 2 & 3c.

Metformin 500 mg

Metformin 500 mg

Metformin is not an over the counter medicine and it requires patients to obtain prescriptions from their physicians before they are allowed to purchase it. The known labeler and supplier of Metformin extended release 500 mg is Marksans Pharma Limited. It is the only company who manufactures metformin and uses the 101 imprint on each of its pills. The metformin that they make is shaped like a capsule and is white in color.

Tramadol Hydrochloride

Since tramadol hydrochloride is a narcotic pain reliever that’s listed among federally-controlled substances, patients are going to need prescriptions and special permissions before they are allowed to purchase the drug at local pharmacies. Because of its narcotic-like effects in treating chronic and severe pain, the use of the drug can become habit-forming and can easily develop an addiction to its users. Taking the drug requires careful medical supervision to ensure the safety of its users.

The use of this drug also comes with side effects such as increased blood pressure, chest pains, chills, loss of memory, indigestion, lightheadedness, irregular heartbeat, seizures, severe nausea, hallucinations, recurrent fever, and stomach pains. This is not the complete list of side effects that come with tramadol use but just in case the users experience intensifying or lingering side effects, they should immediately contact their doctors.

Tramadol Pill 50 mg

Unlike other medicines which have larger dosage strengths available, tramadol is only available in 50 mg. From the brand name Ultram up to its generic versions, FDA only allows 50 mg as the maximum dosage strength of the drug due to the reason that high dosages of tramadol will result to stronger manifestations of side effects.

Ultram 50 mg Label (Tramadol)

Ultram 50 mg Label (Tramadol)

Compared to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, the effects of narcotic pain relievers like tramadol linger for much longer. If stronger dosages of the drug were made, its users would be suffering side effects for extended periods of time.


There are about over 130 different kinds of medicines that use the 101 imprint on their pills and it’s the reason why the pill identifier tools offered on the web are very important. Not all pills with 101 imprint are the same drugs and customers should always identify them before using them to avoid putting their health at risk. For customers who are looking to purchase their meds online, check our top list of recommended providers.