Safety is the first thing that you should always aim for when you are ordering your medications. This should always be the first thing because many drug stores are known to trick their customers into paying and then shipping fake drugs to them. These are rogue drug stores or what can be referred to as fake pharmacies. Planet Drugs Direct is not one of them. This company which is located in Canada has got enough evidence to prove that they are one of the top medication drug vendors.

By evidence, we are not talking about what they have on their website. We are talking about the thousands of positive reviews that the company has managed to get on various reviews websites. We will be looking at these reviews.

Planet Drugs Direct has been in operation since the year 2001. They have already served their customers for 17 years and they still have thousands of customers going back for more drugs. This indicates great products and services. The drugs that they deliver are all safe. This can be proven by the fact that all their partner pharmacies are members of CIPA (The Canadian International Pharmacy Association). CIPA ensures that the only drugs that their members sell are safe for human consumption. Reviews

All the information that you get from any one of the drug seller’s websites on the internet has a high likelihood of the fact that it may be manipulated. For this reason, we look for the word from real people who have used any pharmacy in order to verify whether the pharmacy is really great or not. The following reviews should tell you whether Planet Drugs Direct is a store that you should consider trusting.

Planet Drugs Direct Reviews (Source: https://www

Planet Drugs Direct Reviews (Source: )

The first reviewer here is Sue Tengen. She says that she is very pleased with the services that Planet Drugs Direct provides for her and her husband. She says that on top of giving her the chance to save, the company also has great scheduling and record keeping.

Kaylee Gilstrap has also rated Planet Drugs Direct 5 stars. This shows how happy she is with the services that she has already received. She says that the ordering is quick and very easy. The shipping also arrived in a very timely manner.

David Leney is very satisfied with Planet Drugs Direct. He ordered prescription medications and he was able to receive them earlier than he had been expecting. He says that he is saving over $2000 each year by ordering from Planet Drugs Direct. They have great customer service. He says that he couldn’t be more pleased with the services that this pharmacy offers.

Timothy P. Dingman says that Planet Drugs Direct offers prompt delivery and their prices are between a third and a tenth of what he would have to pay in the US for the same drugs. Their website is easy to navigate and they have a good follow up.

The above reviews show happy customers. Each one of them has recorded his or her review in a way that shows that he or she will keep ordering from the pharmacy. They have all given Planet Drugs Direct a 5-star rating. They have said that Planet Drugs Direct has prompt delivery, good customer service, great price, and great follow up. These are all the traits of a legit and genuine drug vendor.

Planet Drugs Direct Coupon

Coupon and promo codes represent a chance to save even more money when you are ordering your meds. We decided to search and determine whether you will be getting a chance to save your money at Planet Drugs Direct by making use of coupon codes. We are not about to disappoint you since we found coupon codes that you can use.

Planet Drugs Direct Coupon Code

Planet Drugs Direct Coupon Code

The first coupon code that we came across was for new customers only. They offered you a chance to save 5% on the first purchase. We didn’t stop there, we went ahead and searched in order to see whether there was something for repeat customers.

Planet Drugs Direct Coupon Codes

Planet Drugs Direct Coupon Codes

As you can see, many deals are waiting for you when you decide to order your meds from Planet Drugs Direct. The above coupons include one that offers you free shipping on all your orders, coupons that you get with Email sign up, and another one that allows you to save 5% on all your medications.

Cialis Planet Drugs Direct

Tadalafil or what men will know as Cialis is a medication that is applied in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The drug is available in the local drug stores but the fact is that it is very expensive. A pill usually costs $70. This is a price that can only be afforded by men who are not on a budget. The prices at Planet Drugs Direct are lower. For the brand Cialis, the price is as follows:

Planet Drugs Direct Cialis

Planet Drugs Direct Cialis

If you calculate the prices per pill from the ones indicated above, you will note that a 20 mg pill costs $14.78. This is a significant reduction from the $70 dollars available in local stores. You get even better chances to save on Cialis when you buy generic Cialis:

Planet Drugs Direct Generic Cialis

Planet Drugs Direct Generic Cialis

The price per pill of the 20 mg tablet now goes down to only $4.50. This is a price that will favor you. Remember, there is no difference in how generic Cialis functions in comparison to the brand Cialis.


Planet Drugs Direct has already served more than 400,000 customers. They have thousands of positive reviews to prove their great reputation. Also, they allow patients to save their money on their drugs. Their shipping on average is between 14 days to 28 days depending on which country the medication has to be shipped to. There are no complaints about this pharmacy. This tells you that it is among the pharmacies that you can consider trusting.

When it comes to choosing drug stores from which to order your meds, we encourage you to order from a pharmacy that has been proven of its legitimacy. We have investigated thousands of pharmacies. We have come up with a list of stores that deliver great drugs. You can use any pharmacy on this list and be guaranteed of receiving great medications.